Andre Levine
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Who am I? Who am I to you? A person or a fragment of your own imagination of who you think I am? I am a spirit of ups and down but not constant frowns. I am a seeker of truth but my truth is different from yours. We are lovers; this is true. Do you have a clue if my skies are gray or blue? The melody of my heart is somehow about to jump start with hope and admiration of everything that is my temptation. Focus and determined, I place my heart above my head but my soul is not dead. Hurt by one person to the next but I learn how to handle all of it. Who are you? Who are you to me? You are the sea that is of love or a sea that will surely drown me. It is up to you to become your truth and maybe my truth is be the legacy of desires in your heart's melody. Yes, this is poetry and it is from one heart to another. Enjoy your day, lovers!