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@iseekbeauty we agree to disagree on the nature of watermarks and who should control. So long as Diverxity pays a pittance and I am not satisfied with the automatic watermark, I withhold further content. 1 sale of 1 set of photos as a slide show on clips4sale yields near half the revenue to date from Diverxity -- and that's 1 viewer of the set for about $8 net vs. 30 on Diverxity. I agree that plastering a huge watermark that obscures the entire image is unsatisfactory but that's not what I've tried to do. When you are ready to pay real money and fix the watermarking -- or pay serious money so that I don't care -- I have hundreds and hundreds of photo sets and videos ready to release on Diverxity (you have but to see http://c4s.com/5197 for about 90% of those) and another 30 or 40 that need scanning or cleanup. I've got 5 new scenes I just shot last week and I've got about 6 prior in edit or awaiting edit. All this stuff costs money to produce and time to shoot and to prepare for release, which is also money. I appreciate the more refined taste of the Diverxity audience but it doesn't help me pay hundreds of dollars to models when I get net about $18 in 5 months for 639 views (797 minutes) of my content in all. A exceedingly cheap compensation would be $1/view. Not 3 cents. Minutes -- a cheap streaming service would pay 5 cents/minute net and rip producers off. That would be $39.85. On c4s is usually more about 50 cents/minute.