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So, it's getting harder to keep it a secret. So here we go. The reason for why I can't shoot until August is because....

Of this little bundle of joy! She's the center of my world right now and I just refuse to let anything come between us. I'm 23 weeks along meaning she's due at the end of June. I'll need a month to recover and tighten up my tummy! Her name is Kiara Rose. She's going to be a goddess of course. And a goddess deserves a princess name (if you don't know who Kiara is shame on you! :P) So yes. This is my big secret. :3 And I've decided it's a good time to share it. ALSO! I'm getting married next year! So you can expect a sexy honeymoon shoot around that time ;) Ah! So much information so so much. Hope I didn't ruin any fantasies for you lovelies. If so..I apologize. I'll make it up to you. Promise ;3