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Good Soapy Sunday Morning Diverxity! Yes it is still a soapy day today, I have been informed I missed a few spots..and it is still debatable over whether a girl as dirty as me can ever really get clean at all! I would love to know what you think and will take all advise and concern for my cleanliness serious in my next shower video! This talent I must admit is notorious for procrastinating getting my shite together for shoots! Right now I have a heel in one hand, packing my bag with my toe,shaving my legs with my teeth and typing with my tongue! If you get a chance roll by Miser Photos and take a peek at his portfolio pics the last 1 is one of the theme ideas we are shooting for you today! While you are there candy n cupcakes peaz take a gander at me Making a Mesh with him! I have room for 7 more photos in my portfolio! I must say if you have not perved on my port lately shame on you cause I had to take my glasses off the last time I peeked It's gettin HOT in there! So 7 more peeks at Me Making a Mesh with Miser will Fill my Port All the way UP! And I gotta tell ya..That is what I will always require! IF you have not yet checked out TwistedAngel in her NEW set Showing off her Diverxity! Then Go ..Go now! I was a bit butt hurt about her Diverxity swag til she PM'd me letting me know she is going to get me some also! So not only is she smoking hot she is willing to give you the shirt off her back! Kisses n Cupcakes Diverxity think of me today while I am cooking up some goodness for you with Miser! I know for a fact I will be thinking of nothing but YOU!