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I AM BACK! Oh MY Miser Photos and I baked up a few batches of the tastiest eye candy for you today! I cannot wait to share! YOU cupcakes were so good to me today while I was gone! I am over hear just oozing with love for each of you! I see you voted enough to fill my portfolio up all the way! I will be adding new pictures in a moment! I almost don't want to ask for any more views on my Cleanin my Birthday suit! It is at 69 and you have to agree that is such a generous #! : ) Yes tomorrow is Monday but no fear I will be hear " Waiting on my Ruca" with my new set going live in the AM! It should be just the wake me up you need to give a hitch in your Monday giddy up! BTW stay tuned Miser helped me film a little "Hi I am Merlowe" video, JUST FOR YOU! So tell me how was your weekend everyone? I am so sexcited to hear all about it! xo