not a model
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I feel so very blessed by all that is happening right now! WOW! It's hard to believe that all this came about as an idea that popped into my head and the courage and confidence of three women going against the grain of society standards to carry it out. There are so many exciting things happening I am truly humbled by the mail I get thanking me from so many women, and how I have encouraged and inspired them. Helping them embrace themselves, their bodies as well as their sexuality. The meeting today was a success, there will be a CHUNKEE MONKEY show! YAH! I am so happy that even at 47 dreams do come true! Now I have another group of ladies called the Curvy Cubs go check out the cubs and like the page. These ladies will be in a pin up calender very exciting, So Chunkee Monkey is growing and I thank you so much! MUCH LOVE XOXO — with Mary Nichols Lamphier and Nicole Clear.