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Well Hello there Monday Monday Morning! I know you want to kick back & relax and forget you gotta go to work today! I will play hookie with you..come toke with me while I am .. Waiting on my Ruca I supplied the link to Sublime for your listening & viewing = pleasure! Consider it my way of double penetration! I had a great baking session with Miser Photos yesterday! We made a few tasty cakes for YOU I cannot wait to put in your mouth! Here is a link to the only crumb that he let me suck on!
1st time working with wax! I assure you it will NOT be my last! If you haven't perved in my port!? I got it properly stuffed last night! Go Look! And I am still tryn to figure out how many nooks & crannies I missed in my attempt to get my dirty self clean! Any and all suggestions encouraged..consider it a public service..It has to be a crime to be this dirty! Happy Masturbating ( down under Moaning) Monday!