not a model
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You know there is a verse in the Bible that states a "prophet is without honor in his own house" that makes me think of all the people in my hometown that is against Chunkee Monkey and what the message is I am not saying I am prophet lol it's the same started by my boss who didnt like Chunkee Monkey and I had to quit to stay true to myself to so many are against me from the dentist actually says they no longer can do my treatment which is only a cleaning (been going there for years) to the self righteous minister who tells me God is not pleased with the open sexuality displayed......WOW did I ever start a WILDFIRE of haters in my home town.....Chunkee Monkey is a company of women who openly and confidently empower other women to embrace their bodies and sexuality in ways that inspire other women to do the same without shame or fear of rejection allowing them the confidence to do whatever their minds are set to do without limits. We as women have the power within ourselves to change society image of what is beautiful and by God I am very proud to head up this movement. I will get another dentist no big deal and I don't go to Church do to the hypocrisy of it all. Friends come and go I accept that also....BUT know this CHUNKEE MONKEY thinks outside the box and ill continue to do so and yes in Village of Stockbridge as well as across the Nation and eventually the world. Yes I have big dreams and a handful of haters will not stop me in attaining them xo xo xo Have a blessed day!