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Nuneaton, UK - Late cancellation tomorrow. Adult ideas ready Due to a photographer's circumstances changing he can no longer shoot tomorrow. I can only shoot from home due to no car at present so will consider all offers or can run with what I had already. This is what we had planned from 09.00 to 15.00, it is of an adult nature so don't read if shy. You can always fill any gaps with your imagination. Any changes you would consider, let me know. Set 1 The PA/Business Woman. A demure and sophisticated lady demonstrating whilst standing in front of an A-Board to a group of people (Plenty of chances for head shots and full figure shots) Perhaps a dropped pen meaning she has to bend over and reach down, flashing a little leg as she goes. Tight skirt across the bottom allowing shots of bottom. Leaning back against the wall and playing with plants. Lots of time to assess your lighting and get comfortable talking to me and directing. The phone rings and I move over to the desk so you can have location style shots, perhaps it is my lover on the phone and as I talk I begin to get a little warm and loosen a few buttons on my blouse. I can then do some rubbing of pubic area through my skirt. I can be sitting on the desk flashing thighs and stocking tops whilst on the phone, leaning over the desk to look in the diary and then resting on the chair. Office chair while I talk and perhaps getting a little excited as I begin stroking my legs and boobs. After the phone call I am feeling a little ‘hot’ so move over to couch and gradually remove blouse and bra whilst touching myself up. As I warm up I remove my skirt and knickers and begin playing with my pussy. This will give you an early chance for you to focus on facial expression and some close up pussy shots to a UK or US mag level as you wish. Set 2 The maid A choice of outfits; the fluffy French maid outfit that you have seen, on DA or another one which is a little more towards flirty and filthy. I am cleaning my masters house in the living room, hallway and we will have lots of movement poses on this. Stretching up, bending down, on hands and knees. Plenty of stocking tops and bum shots. It should also give plenty of chances to use other props in the rooms as we go so you can be creative with your instruction on poses. Set 3 Retro and boudoir. 2 scenes set up for this. The first will be a dressing table style with chair and mirrors to allow you to do low level lighting shots (Room will be blacked out for this one) Pretty beads, preparing for a night out, lots of sheer items of clothing for suggestive shots. The slow making up and preparation as I dress. This will then give you a flapper girl all ready for her night on the town Move across for part two to the chaise (against a black wall), here we will try and do some recreating of the Edwardian style. A strip from the flapper girl down to nothing and then using layers of materials. I can then do some cheeky poses and then some more UK and US mag posing. I will expect you to give me lots of direction on how you want me to pose and pout for you to give you the best results that you want. Set 4 Call me Madam. I was thinking of me in one of my very long split domina dresses with high heels and long sleeve gloves, maybe even a mask to add to the enchantment. With whip and cane in hand I can have my slave dressed in black (or naked if you prefer) acting as my foot rest or coffee table. He can be on the floor in front of me whilst I masturbate and pose in front of him, giving him the occasional whack with a paddle. Set 5 Bedroom Strip. A tired smartly dressed lady comes home and starts to get changed, but instead of going to sleep she starts playing with her pussy and getting herself very excited building herself up as she strips off. Reaching over to her draw she takes out one of her favourite toys and begins to pleasure herself to an intense orgasm. Lots of lingerie and stockings as well as US mag and play with a vibrator to a shattering orgasm. Set 6 Boudoir A final sensuous set with lots of posing. Starting in a basque and stockings this will be all about playing with angles and shapes as I play with inserting toys while you make the most of the view available and direct me to get the most erotic and sexual images that you can create. This will be filmed in the bedroom and can be done in natural light or with the room blacked out and using lights, whichever you prefer. Total cost £300