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well I need advice.....I received a call from the Dr. Phil show last sister called them and want them to have us on as guests to try and repair our relationship or something. Now mind you this week has been pure hell on me. She has written pages and pages of ugly lies, rumors and such. Even went as far as wishing me death, said to me when she lays eyes on me I will be sorry she will kick my she suddenly wants to makes amends on national television?????? I am very apprehensive about this. Is she going to try and humiliate me? She said she would destroy me and my business Chunkee Monkey....she says we are porno queens, dirty filthy fat and ugly. So I am leaning on not going. But first is this man a real Dr.? Is his show like those other shows like Jerry Springer or Steve Wlkos? I do not watch tv let alone talk shows....I love my sister very much and I am very concerned for her well being. She is not acting or talking rational right now. Please any input or advice would be helpful