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YOU CUPCAKES ARE ROCK STARS! Thank you from deep inside of me for ALL the sweet loving you filled me up with today! Waiting for my Ruca is my absolute favorite set was shot in my tattoo parlor that I owned so it was an honest portrayal of me in what was my home for a time! So I truly appreciate the comments and support! More importantly I am pretty sure my shower video has left me dirtier than when I got in! I have NO choice but to make another video in an attempt to wash the dirty right out of me! Thank you for all the suggestions on the spots I missed! I will make sure to get every nook and cranny next time :) I am off now to have sweet wet dreams about each and every one of you, so I better get to bed if I plan on covering all the spots I plan on tending to! Don't be strangers ...I love knowing your eyes are on me! FYI.. if you have not seen my port it is properly filled all the way up with tasty eye candy..Eat me up why dontcha! xoxoxo Kisses n Cupcakes