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On Sat the 23rd of May will mark the last safe weekend to book a nude maternity shoot with PrincessCuppiecake and so, we have done just that! Cuppiecake and I have come up with some great themes that include farm land and Alpacas. This day of shooting will likely result in 6 or more sets of this lovely young mother to be's only nude maternity shoot and will also likely be a dX exclusive day! We need your help though to make it happen. $600 or more if possible needs to be raised. If you would like to see the results of this lovely lady in front of my camera for a day we have something special to offer you. Make a $50USD donation to my PayPal and receive all of the low res proof from our shoot plus, 1 set of fully edited shots from the set of your choice. Make a $100USD donation and receive the proofs plus two sets edited of your choice. Make a $200USD donation and receive all the proofs and all of the hi-res edits! My PayPal If the goal of $600 is not met, two weeks prior, then the shoot will likely be cancelled, no nudie maternity shoots of PC and your PayPal will be refunded!