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Not that I need to post this because most of you are already followers of @BoldDaniel but just incase! He and I have set up a date for a nudie maternity shoot! :o Who wants to see my big ol' naked belly!? haha. It'll hopefully be on May 23rd (just days/weeks before I pop) IF and only if we get the loving support from you beautiful people. It'll be an DX exclusive once in a lifetime shoot (because I can't be pregnant with Kiara all over again :P) SO! We need your help to make it happen. $600 or more if possible needs to be raised to get Mr. Worldwide over to my little town where my doctor has chained me and has forbid me from leaving. So we have something very special to offer you. Make a $50USD donation to BoldDaniel's PayPal and receive all of the low res proof from our shoot plus, 1 set of fully edited shots from the set of your choice. Make a $100USD donation and receive the proofs plus two sets edited of your choice. Make a $200USD donation and receive all the proofs and all of the hi-res edits! His PayPal is If the goal of $600 is not met, two weeks prior, then the shoot will likely be cancelled, which means no nudie maternity shoots for me and no nudie pics for you! D: And of course you would be refunded. But come on guys! Who doesn't want to see me slicked down in honey? Whoops, did I say that? ;)