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Guess what day it is! It is a Happy Happy Hump DAY! So you gotta do what you gotta do! Get on it, in it, or over what you gotta do to get through it! If eye candy helps, I have count em 2 new sets live today! 1st is a Diverxity Exclusive..JUST FOR YOU We all need to be put in our place once in awhile and I am no exception. Nothing has taught me a lesson quite like a good ass whoopin ...and I enjoy my studies! Abandoned Corporal Punishment 2nd is a very special submission for your viewing pleasure. Grendel's Oath We all have duality, and I might just have more than 2 sides to reckon with. This set shows a bit of my fuck shit up and take names later side! But it also declares my Oath to Diverxity to expose myself to you! There are nude pics from this set ..if you show me you like it enough I will pop them right into my port for every one to gobble up! Spanx so very much for allowing me inside your mind, dreams and hearts! Please know that I keep you all in a very warm moist place! :) So go get your Hump on Diverxity! You have my permission! Kisses n Cupcakes