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So after taking a day for much needed real rest I awaken in the middle of the night to an old atk exotics pic in my inbox and a "lol I like this pic. I'll help you come to fanime bla bla" which was a convention up in nor cal that I was debating going to. I'm pretty broke so I haven't been preparing much but now I don't think I want to go even if I have the money. Do any of you other models get similar treatment? I dont hide what I do from ppl I know but I also make it clear that I dont want to get into weord discussions. So.... much... for being more active in the dance game community. I'm guessing this will happen no matter what hobby I'm into and it's a shame.... alright off to the dentist for reals... now that I have a little money to pay now. It's fun being 30 so far :/