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I'm a wreck today... actually the past 10 days or so have just been one insane emotional roller coaster ride! There are so many things in life that I have put my hand to and failed, so unlucky in many ways not the least of love. Fortunate though with the gods blessing of two amazing children! On Thursday, my son graduated from the Royal Canadian Military College of Canada with a Bachelors of Computer Engineering with distinction! On Friday he was promoted to Acting Sub Lieutenant and he has now moved to Halifax NS. My little buddy who lived just a couple of hours away was sometimes hard to connect with is now 17 hours away and I miss him already! So excited for his future and at the same time feeling so lonely. If there was ever a time in my life that I could use a big hug... any time in the past ten days would have been that time! My last words to him when I left the banquet where "Follow you heart Benjamin and love the people." I cried the whole way home with his last words to me of "Thank you dad for helping me to have the courage to do that... I love you!" @