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When I saw the two photos of you in the woods, my thoughts went a little traveling. I saw myself strolling through a green forest, enjoying the nature without snow when I was taken aback and saw this not very large rock, which shimmered through the trees, saw that a long slender tree stood on it, which probably grew on him. ... As I got closer, looked closer its forms, its beauty captured me. I was curious and wanted to climb on him, even to see where the tree grew ....... I was looking for something to hold my hands, saw these two projections on the front, put my hands around her, she moved to see whether they are solid, felt these two hard tips that were on them in the middle, feeling with my fingers on them ..... And noticed that further down, slightly below my belly, something moved, saw that there the surface of the rock a little shifted. When I looked closer, I could see that there was a cave in this rock. My curiosity shifted from tree to this point, in my mind I saw myself as a successful cave explorer, who has discovered a new ..... I squatted down so that my eyes were right in front of this opening ... close I went, feeling the surface, the forms, presented me in thoughts, as I slowly go into it, explore it, first only a small piece, then keep going, think if there is also a cave-lake in it? Again and again I go the way into this cave, feel how it is becoming more familiar to me, I'm always a little further, see the end, perhaps, see shimmer these little wet beads, but still see no lake. And again I go into the cave so deep it goes .... and there, now I see it, slowly covered a wet spot the bottom of the cave, more and more dripping on him .... So, now she is a happy cave, she has her cave-lake ....... I am also happy that I have discovered and explored this wonderful cave ..... Satisfied, I sit down, close my eyes, enjoy the feeling that permeated me, after visiting this cave .... when I opened my eyes, I was amazed at the rock was not as high, some stretched out on the forest floor, the cave was still there, but now directly above the forest floor, the "tree" stuck with the top down next to it in the ground........was the Grendel's Oath?