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Photo studio for rent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY: Two floors (1,000 sq feet) + back yard. With A/C, toilette and small fridge. 1. Top floor on street level, all white floor, walls and ceiling, ideal for fashion shoots 2. Bottom floor - main room with a Bar Bed, dance pole, hammock and art installations + two additional inspiration rooms. 3. Backyard, size 800sq Feet Rates: up to 1-4 hrs: 200$ 4-8 hrs: 300$ With photo studio equipment - additional 50$ Photo studio Items Description: 2 strobes: Elinchrom ELDLRX42LKQ1D-Lite RX 4 2-Light 400-800 W/s. Built-in wireless receiver Wireless transmitter 2 light' stands 2 soft boxes 26x26" 1 Umbrella reflector: White - 32" Background Support System - 12F Wide Background Papers (Fashion Gray, white, green(studio) Photo tripod Video tripod Link to images of space: