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And #3: Why can't you ever find postpartum pictures of a woman's belly? I searched all over the internet and it seems like no one wants to share that part of their pregnancy. So I will! Because pregnancy doesn't end after the baby is born :P So at the beginning of my pregnancy I was 132 lbs. By the end I was 152. My ideal weight is 120-125. I plan on getting to that weight by August where I'll be fit, sexified, and ready to shoot! I'm not allowed to exercise for 5 more weeks so the pictures you're about to see are from me being lazy and just sitting on the couch :P So the pictures start from 6 hours after delivery- day 7 postpartum. My weight at day 7 is 140 lbs. I'm really excited about doing this because as much fun as people seem to have watching mother's bellies grow (not in my case though I hated it) it's even more fun to watch it shrink!