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A few people have been commenting (both on my wall and privately) that I should have more photos in my portfolio on here. I guess this isn't so much a portfolio site to me as a site for content sets and connecting with fans of that content. If people want to see more there are tons of photos on my Facebook and my Tumblr. Plus, in the past I haven't saved web files with watermarks of my self portraits at the larger size needed to post on here and I don't know that some of the photographers I've worked with would appreciate me posting images we've shot on a site where I'm making money. I've asked photographers about it for another purpose in the past and some of them are pretty hesitant, and would probably be especially hesitant given some of the more adult content on this site. I'll have to see if I can find some time to create the larger web files of more of my past self portraits at some point though ^_~ Until then you'll just have to take that extra step and look at my content.