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Happy 4th of July to Everyone Everywhere! If you have been following me HERE Please continue to do so..I was on a bit of a FB lock down BUTT my butt is up and running again! I will be traveling to HOTlanta next week so if any of you that be Talent and or Artist that would like to get together Please message me so we can talk about that! I hope all of you everywhere enjoy the FREEDOMS that Independance Day has awarded to US ALL! Not just today BUTT everyday! I for 1 take my liberties for granted at times and Yes even I have been known to abuse or misuse them being an American is NO excuse to forget that 1 and All deserve the Right to Freedom and the Pursuit of Happiness! That Above All Else I hold dear to me! Thank you Diverxity for giving us all the opportunity HERE to do just that! Kisses n Cupcakes xo